Free SMS Tracker without touching target phone

Free SMS Tracker without touching target phone

Free SMS Tracker without touching target phone – A unique feature in demand

It is quite difficult to trust a person who has already cheated on you. The love and affection between a relationship shatter the moment any one side is disloyal. These days, it has become common, and that is why many spy applications are in demand. A spy app can easily track a smartphone location, text messages, shared files and social media communications. A person mostly uses its smartphone to communicate with the society.

Free SMS Tracker without touching target phone - A unique feature in demand

Free SMS Tracker without touching target phone – A unique feature in demand

If in case your spouse has another number also, then there are certain chances of using the common family number anytime. Some of the other evidence is ascertained through social networking or SMS. However, few spy applications do not have the facility to track SMS texts and that is why the necessity to download an SMS package arises. If you are in search of the Free SMS Tracker without touching the target phone, then you must install spy application from SpyZee Spy App. This is a website dedicated to phone tracking related software which will help you to gain information about multiple devices at an affordable cost.

Who can all benefit from free SMS tracker

The augmentation in technology has led to the advancement in cheatings and frauds in relationships. In various relationships i.e. personal or professional spy as well as SMS tracker application is successful-

Who can all benefit from free SMS tracker

Who can all benefit from free SMS tracker

  • Spouse– those who are fed up with spouse cheatings and suspect that something is cooking behind your back can obtain benefits from Free SMS Tracker without touching target phone. All you need to do is, download the soy application from android google play store or apple store depending on the OS you are using. Later, sign in with your email account to get notifications on the same email address later about the device you want to spy. Without touching the phone of the spouse you can read all messages or multimedia messages shared to other numbers easily. The free SMS Tracker app requires only the phone number with country code and in just a few seconds it will start tracking each and every message for you.
  • Children– your children may listen to you and do as you say even if they are in their teenage. But, somewhere down the line, you still suspect their loyalty. Being in high school or college, children tend to get attracted towards golden glitters of the society. When you start restricting them, they often start hiding personal feelings. With the help of the free SMS tracker app or spy application, you can easily grab their daily active sessions which are spent on their smartphones. Stop bullying, poking or nagging. Simply track what they do on their smartphone and start acting smartly.
  • Employees– The biggest concern in a multinational organization for an employer is the group of employees who try to trespass confidential information to other rival firms just for the sake of financial perks. The only smartphone provides the biggest lead about the activities that are going on behind the back of an employer. If you are heading a team of employees and need to know what conversations, as well as planning, takes places behind you, then spy app with free SMS tracker is a must. Invest in the spy application which offers multiple device tracking facilities and stays tension free by using evidence that is in hand against a cheater employee.
  • Firstly, you are able to understand the mental setup of the spouse, children or an employee.
  • Secondly, you are prepared for best next move in a relationship after gaining evidence for a cheating spouse
  • Thirdly, you are able to win the fight and able to justify the other person’s negligence in a relationship.

How does spy app work for you

Internet technology has reached a supreme advance levels and with the help of this technology, you can spy anyone from anywhere. Without touching phone you can easily see through the other person’s device and grab essential information which explains how the other person is cheating on you. At SpyZee you are able to download the trial versions as well as paid apps for your device.

Hence, you are supposed to click on the correct hyperlink stating the name of the spy app. If you are using an android based smartphone, then you are supposed to download only those spy or Free SMS tracker apps that are Android compatible.

In the same manner, iPhone users should install applications which are compatible with iOS only. The applications elaborate description will help you in the selection. The price and features of all the top 5 spy applications are updated at the respective website.

What are the differences in free spy apps and paid versions

When you finally decide to spy on your spouse, children, friend or employees then it is advisable to try out the trial version for your personal satisfaction. There are free version spy apps given on the website. After trial version usage, you can renew the package by paying online. Thus, Free SMS Tracker without touching target phone is accessible only at SpyZee.

Free spy application will have limited call recording and audio recording facility. For example, you can record around 20 calls only within 30 days trial only for 20 seconds each.

Whereas in the paid version of the spy application, you are able to download unlimited call records for the said days through the installed spy app. Even audio clips are sent to your device in the form of screenshots or messages so that you can download and hear them on the go.

In free SMS tracker or spy application you are able to view SMS in limited quantity and then the application will start prompting you for purchasing the unlimited featured app. On the other hand, when you directly purchase the high-end capable spy application for your device, then you are able to track calls, messages and social network sites easily anywhere and anytime. The purchased version of spy application provides access to the user offline as well as online which is unique that is not available in free versions.

What are the things you do with spy or SMS tracker application

What are the things you do with spy or SMS tracker application

What are the things you do with spy or SMS tracker application

There are some basic functions you can perform by using Spy apps such as- record calls, read text messages, take screenshots of the media, and watch shared files and many more. Incoming, outgoing SMS and WhatsApp messages are mostly useful for spying. Due to the popularity of Facebook messenger and WhatsApp application spy applications are designed in such a manner that you can read all incoming and outgoing conversations on the above mentioned social networking apps.

Therefore, time, date, location and sender details will be sent to your email by the spy application developer

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What precautions to acquire while spying

There are several do’s and don’ts mentioned everywhere in the literature describing spy applications so that you carry on the task safely without any vulnerable position. Some Free SMS Tracker without touching target phone is unsafe as they have various malware or corrupt links. It is not advised to download any free spy application that comes forward during the search online. Always move ahead with the application which is given highest ratings and reviews by the common public so that you don’t end up in facing an online fraud.

Some applications have inbuilt SMS tracker and some offer only call log detail facility. You need to research well about different applications for the same purpose. Although, free spy applications offer 30 days trial, but may expose your phone data on versatile online platforms without your permission. In order to keep your data safe, it is advised to purchase the application from a reliable source rather installing a free spy app and accepting all the permission pages it asks for.

Check your phone compatibility with the spy application operating system platform. If you are using an iPhone, and software is built upon Android OS, then it may not work at all. On the other hand, avoid using applications which asks you to only jailbreak or root your smartphone before proceeding to avail features of the spy application. There are the popular spy apps as well as SMS tracker apps online that are safe enough to use without jailbreak or rooting.

How to get the application online

  1. First of all, you are supposed to research well and find one spy application for your device.
  2. Secondly, download from its licensed stores such as Apple store or play store. After installation is complete.
  3. Thirdly, accept the notifications it displays so that it can automatically read your phone IP address and email details that are saved before.
  4. At last, you need to fill up a small form type column which states the phone number of the device you need to spy, and the username password.

Some devices are asked to jailbreak or root their device first by downloading another supportive app. Thus, a supportive application will appear on its own for your help by which you can continue for completing the installation process.

While you have downloaded the spy app data file, you will be asked to pay for it. The only method to pay online is via net banking or credit card i.e. saved by you later.

Some useful features of the spy applications

Besides, its usage, safe download and many other necessary instructions, it is also significant to go through the popular features that are provided by spy apps at SpyZee-

Remote feature– this is one of the best and most demanding features. Without touching the target phone you can access its data like you have a remote control on hand. No need to install a copy of the spy application on the target phone anymore. Simply, install on your device and function his or her phone without touching. No matter whether the targeted phone is receiving your phone call or not, you can instantly track his phone data.

Security and upgraded features- some advanced paid version spy apps provide its user a security-based platform so that their data could not leak anywhere online. Even the data of the targeted phone remains safe with the help of the security feature.

Notification system– anything goes wrong with your device data or you are unable to track the targeted phone, then a notification will be sent to you via email or SMS. A solution message is also delivered to you right away after spy application diagnoses the issue. In any case, target phone has changed the SIM card; you will again get a notification. Some links and suspicious words that you have selected in the spy app to keep an eye upon will be regulated immediately when they are received in a form of a text message on the target phone.

Customer support feature– sometimes, it becomes difficult to understand the spy application feature process and you get stuck. This is the time when a technical support is required. Usually, no application developer set up a call center or a help station for its users. But in the case of the spy applications, you get an advanced feature for communicating with the virtual knowledge book. The solutions to each countered problem are given which can be sorted out by using live chat or a phone call facility.

What are the basic SMS tracker components

What are the basic SMS tracker components

What are the basic SMS tracker components

In the current era, a smartphone is a basic necessity for every human being. Usually the phone is found in all age group people while its usage is tremendously increasing day by day. Half of the lives activities are held with the base of your phone by which anyone can catch hold your true self. In case, you are willing to spy on someone you suspect deeply, then spy application, as well as SMS tracker software, would do the best. There are few basic components under which the spy application works-

  • Server- it helps you in connecting with the phone you want to spy.
  • Control panel- the control panel means the remote functions that are controlled by your device on the target phone.
  • Targeted phone– target phone is efficiently used for dragging information. The target phone operating system should be similar to the spy app as well as your device OS.
  • Internet cloud- cloud storage facility should be enabled to keep a record of the data that has been shared with your device through the target phone every day.

Without using these 4 components you cannot spy on someone using his or her device. So, if you are all set to give a try to the spy application, then select from the top 5 spy applications that have a lot to offer at an affordable price.